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GREEN BAY, WI – MAY 5: A Green Bay Packers’ helmet lies in the end zone at the first mini-camp of the season at the Don Hutson Center on May 5, 2006 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Photo by Darren Hauck/Getty Images)

Football positions have evolved over time and these three NFL wide receivers changed the game with the ways they played.

Wide receiver is one of the premier positions in the NFL. The modern era boasts many superstar wide receivers, including Julio Jones, DeAndre Hopkins, Davante Adams, A.J. Green, and Tyreek Hill, but the position evolved due to the impact of the players before them.

Let’s take a look at three NFL wide receivers who revolutionized the position.

NFL wide receivers who changed the position: Don Hutson

Let’s take a look way back in time. Hutson entered the league in 1935 as a member of the Green Bay Packers. The All-American was an immediate superstar. His first catch was an 83-yard touchdown reception.

Hutson put up huge receiving numbers that were mind-boggling in his era. In 1942, he led the league with 1,211 receiving yards, which was more than four other teams. He was a two-time NFL MVP (1941, 42) and eight-time All-Pro selection (1938-45). At the time of his retirement, he held 18 league records.

In the league’s early years, Hutson innovated the position. He is credited for creating Z-outs, buttonhooks, and hook-and-gos. He was the most impactful vertical threat in a run-dominant sport.

Hall of Fame head coach Vince Lombardi once described Hutson with the ball in his hands:

“He would glide downfield leaning forward as if to steady himself close to the ground. Then, as suddenly as you gulp or blink an eye, he would feint one way and go the other, reach up like a dancer, gracefully squeeze the ball and leave the scene of the accident — the accident being the defensive backs who tangled their feet up and fell trying to cover him.”

To make matters more impressive, Hutson played defensive end, safety, and kicker during his NFL career. He led the league in interceptions in 1940 (six) and extra points made in 1942 (33).

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