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Chicago Bears, Randall Cobb

Chicago Bears, Randall Cobb (Getty Images)

Which players do Chicago Bears fans hold the most disdain toward?

For decades upon decades, the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers have taken part in what is known as the oldest rivalry in the NFL.

While Bears fans aren’t too fond of any of their three NFC North opponents, there’s just something about Green Bay.

It is far easier to hate the Packers than it is the Vikings or Lions, and that’s a fact.

After all, the Packers have gone 17-3 against the Bears in their last 20 games played. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the most hated Packers players in the history of this rivalry.

Opposing Packers players Chicago Bears fans will always hate: Randall Cobb

If you mention three specific words to any Bears fan, they will shudder. PTSD will set in quickly and, chances are, they will be headed toward the liquor cabinet shortly.

”Rodgers to Cobb.”

Those three words will live on forever in the minds of Bears fans. It was Randall Cobb who ripped out the hearts of Bears fans hoping for an NFC North title back in 2013.

Late in the very last game of the season, Rodgers hit Cobb on a 4th-and-8 with under a minute to go. Cobb was wide open and took in the game-winning touchdown, stunning Bears fans and leaving a sickening taste in their mouths that has still never left, to this day.

Cobb wasn’t the best receiver to play against Chicago in Packers green and gold, but he remained an annoyance in each and every game against them, it seemed.

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