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Seattle Seahawks

Jerry Rice of the Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by Steve Grayson/Getty Images)

The Seattle Seahawks have a laundry list of stars who made a very strange stop throughout the years. In fact, they have a strange player under center right now in Geno Smith. However, some of the most famous players ever stopped in Seattle, and it’s likely fans have no recollection of it.

Former first-round pick Laquon Treadwell spent last season with the Seattle Seahawks. He is not the first really strange pairing, and he’s far from the last. The Seahawks have been known in the past as a place players go to finish their careers. In the 80s and 90s, nobody made sense in a Seahawks uniform.

In more recent times, the Seahawks tried adding stars that didn’t work out, like Jimmy Graham, Percy Harvin, and T.J. Houshmandzadeh. Some players had established resumes, while others were starting as rising stars. Either way, they went to Seattle and fell off a cliff.

However, they are nothing like some of the players who went to the Seahawks to end their careers. There are some players who look absolutely baffling in a Seahawks uniform. Let’s start with, by far the most famous.

Here are the strangest players we ever saw in a Seattle Seahawks uniform:

3. Jerry Rice

Most remember the pathetic final era for Jerry Rice when he tried to make the Denver Broncos. He pushed to make the roster in 2005, with the Broncos agreeing to a contract that paid him less than $800,000. Then, he was cut. It was embarrassing for the best wide receiver of all time. Yet, more people remember this than those who remember Rice on the Seahawks.

Jerry Rice had one amazing moment with the Seattle Seahawks in front of a national audience. He had 145 receiving yards against the Dallas Cowboys, scoring a 27-yard touchdown from the hands of Matthew Hasselbeck.

Rice finished his Seahawks career with 362 yards in 11 games. He even scored three receiving touchdowns, which brought him to 197 for his career. Still, to this day, it just seems odd seeing Rice in another jersey.

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