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Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Terrell Suggs (94): Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs are the reigning Super Bowl champs, and they’ve needed a lot of help to get their third title win. However, throughout the history of this great franchise, there have been some absolutely bizarre stars in KC.

When it comes to strange players wearing a different jersey, one name comes to mind more than most. Joe Montana wearing a Kansas City Chiefs jersey. There is nothing stranger than seeing a former MVP and Super Bowl hero taking off the San Francisco 49ers jersey and putting on another. However, it’s become so famously weird that it’s become normal, so he won’t be making this list.

The Chiefs are becoming an NFL powerhouse. That means players will go out of their way to play on this team. Just recently, Juju Smith-Schuster, Josh Gordon, LeSean McCoy, and Le’Veon Bell are just some of the names who took smaller roles just to play on the same team as Patrick Mahomes.

It happened many times, but there’s still one that didn’t feel right when we saw it. There was some fanfare when the signing happened, but it fell completely flat.

These are the most unlikely players we ever saw in a Chiefs uniform:

3. Terrell Suggs

Baltimore Ravens superstar Terrell Suggs left the only city he knew to sign with the Arizona Cardinals. It went very badly, and he didn’t even make it a full season with the Cards. They cut him in December, and he signed with the Chiefs right after that.

It worked out great. Suggs added a second Super Bowl championship to his resume, greatly adding to his Hall of Fame credentials. It was strange because word went around that Suggs refused to sign with any team besides the Ravens after things didn’t work out with the Cardinals. Then, the Chiefs claimed him. His threats to hold out suddenly subsided.

Sometimes, things work out. The Ravens were last in the waiver order, but they didn’t end up winning the championship in 2019. The Chiefs did. Suggs didn’t have a huge impact. He had four tackles in the playoffs and one pass breakup. The 37-year-old was able to add another ring to his hand before he called it a career.

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