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Anthony Richardson would be a strong pick for the Las Vegas Raiders picking at No. 7 in the 2023 NFL Draft.

The expectation is former Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson will be a top-10 selection in the 2023 NFL Draft, possibly going to the Las Vegas Raiders picking at No. 7.

Richardson should be the third quarterback taken behind only Alabama’s Bryce Young and Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud. While Kentucky’s Will Levis could go ahead of him to a team like the Indianapolis Colts picking at No. 4, there is no conceivable way Tennessee’s Hendon Hooker is the third quarterback taken this spring. The reason for this is teams like the Raiders see the upside.

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler said on SportsCenter Saturday that Richardson met with the Raiders, and things went very well in that meeting.

“I was told he was in their building in Vegas yesterday. They went and probably had a sensible meal, had a nice dinner with Raiders’ brass. They also put him on the big board to work out plays and test his mental approach to the game. I’m told the meeting by all accounts went very well.”

While it is highly risky for a team like the Raiders to take a swing on Richardson, it does make sense for head coach Josh McDaniels and general manager Dave Ziegler to attach their careers to a prospect like him. Yes, Richardson could be the next JaMarcus Russell for the Silver and Black, but he could also be Sin City’s version of Josh Allen. The Raiders stink, so they have to swing big.

Let’s discuss where Richardson is likely to come off the board and if that would be to the Raiders.

NFL Draft rumors: Anthony Richardson may go to the Las Vegas Raiders at No. 7

Although there is an extreme outside chance of Richardson going No. 1 overall to the Carolina Panthers, I still think either Stroud or Young is the pick, even if Frank Reich hates short dudes. I would expect the Houston Texans sitting at No. 2 will take whoever Carolina does not, secretly hoping Carolina takes Stroud over Young so the former Alabama star can play for DeMeco Ryans.

While I think the Arizona Cardinals are an interesting trade-back candidate, they are in prime position to take the best non-quarterback in the draft. That could be too appealing for them to move back. As for the Colts picking at No. 4, this is right around where I think Richardson could realistically come off the board. However, Indianapolis could do something dumb and take Levis.

The Seattle Seahawks picking at No. 5 are not a bad potential trade partner for the Raiders. Seattle could take Richardson, but the Seahawks already have Geno Smith. Their general manager John Schneider also loves to trade back. Assuming the Cardinals stand pat the Colts do something stupid, the Raiders moving up to No. 5 is not a ridiculous concept. The Detroit Lions could take him.

That is really the team to watch in all this. Detroit has the ability to take a flier on Richardson at No. 6 because this pick used to belong to the Los Angeles Rams. They already have Jared Goff under center, but even he feels like his generation’s version of Chris Chandler. Good enough to start and win games, but not good enough for any franchise to want to invest long-term in him.

Detroit may want to add a defensive star to help accentuate its rise to prominence in the NFC. I think at that point, the furthest Richardson falls is to the Raiders picking at No. 7. Yes, Las Vegas could trade back and try to build around Jimmy Garoppolo, but I have a hard time seeing the Atlanta Falcons taking him at No. 8. Of course, Atlanta could do that and send us all into a rage.

Overall, the Raiders have to gamble at this point in their competitive life cycle. Moving off Derek Carr was justified, as was bringing in Garoppolo. However, they need a blue-chip prospect who can learn to hold his own vs. Justin Herbert and Patrick Mahomes in-division. Richardson could be a total bust, but the upside is worth the risk for Las Vegas. Drafting him has to be considered here.

Ultimately, Richardson gives the Raiders some much-needed juice they are in dire need of offensively after moving on from Carr. Could he be the player that magically turns McDaniels into a competent NFL head coach? We shall see. Frankly, it would be very Raiders of them to draft a project quarterback instead of a top-tiered prospect, but this feels like an Al Davis fever dream.

Then again, the market dictates Richardson’s rapid rise, so the Raiders are justified in taking him.

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