Asante Samuel has nothing better to do than troll Bill Belichick on Twitter |

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Don’t be surprised to see cornerback Asante Samuel and head coach Bill Belichick at a steakhouse this season because they both got beef.

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick makes out to be a love-him or hate-him figure in the NFL, and so far this offseason, he’s very much hated by one of his ex-players.

Asante Samuel, who spent the first five seasons of his career in Foxboro, has been firing shots at Belichick non-stop. Here’s a brief rundown of Samuel’s not-so-subtle digs on social media in the last week.

The biggest nuclear missile hit Belichick’s ego at the end of March, when Samuel tweeted at Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson telling him not to go to New England. The tweet read, “Trust me you don’t want to play for Belichick.”

Okay, so Samuel doesn’t like Belichick. Players tweet stuff to stir the pot all the time.

Then, a few days ago, Samuel chirped in on the Mac Jones shopping rumors and claims Belichick used to “get away” with things due to having G.O.A.T. Tom Brady under center for the majority of his Pats coaching career.

Asante Samuel is feuding with ex-coach Bill Belichick on Twitter

Samuel is responding to the notion that Belichick screwed over Mac Jones in his second year, running him on a tiny wheel like an experimental guinea pig, and now Belichick is trying to offload the quarterback to another team.

When prodded by a Twitter user who asked which NFL coach has the most Super Bowls in history, Samuel didn’t respond with the technically correct answer (Belichick). Rather, he said Brady carried the team. Coach Brady, to be exact.

Samuel left the Patriots in 2007 and spent stints on the Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons before calling it quits.

According to him, he’s been quite vocal about his hostile feelings toward Belichick ever since he parted ways with the team as a free agent; the more news that continues to surround Belichick, the more Samuel will probably tweet about it.

Samuel’s beef with Belichick aside, the Pats head coach does deserve some flack for how he led the offense this past season, and to many, Belichick really did throw Jones under the bus.

But considering the fact that Samuel is ten years removed from his last NFL game, doesn’t he have anything better to do than take jabs at a former coach? Guess not.

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