Bears almost pulled off a second galaxy brain NFL Draft trade |

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The Chicago Bears made a blockbuster trade with the Carolina Panthers. However, another team was reportedly in the mix that could have offered more. 

When the Chicago Bears opted to trade the No. 1 overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft to the Carolina Panthers, it sent shockwaves throughout the league.

Four picks and wide receiver DJ Moore were headed to the Windy City. Now, Carolina jumps up the board to grab the quarterback of its choice while general manager Ryan Poles gives Chicago more ammunition to build its roster.

However, NBC’s Peter King reported that Chicago was interested in trading down with the Houston Texans for the No. 2 overall pick, which would have netted the Bears another first-round selection, and then Chicago would deal again with Carolina for a future first, giving Chicago three first-rounders in 2024. CHGO’s Adam Hoge confirmed the report.

Three first rounders in 2024? That would have been an unbelievable get. If Justin Fields did not pan out, Chicago would have a chance to get another quarterback and still have two extra first-rounders to build around him. If Fields did pan out and this deal was made, Chicago would have three first-rounders in 2024 to stock up on talent to continue building around him.

Chicago Bears could have had three first-round picks in 2024

There are those who will think Poles panicked and made the move to acquire DJ Moore in a manner that former general manager Ryan Pace would have done. Here’s the difference. Pace was overly aggressive and mortgages drafts consistently. Poles is more methodical, and that is often the right way to go. Chicago did the right thing here.

Additionally, what’s to say they still can’t have three first-rounders in 2024? If they trade back from No. 9 this year, which they most likely will, the chances of landing a 2024 first-round pick are quite high. As such, the franchise could still land three first-round picks; Houston just may not be part of it.

There seems to be a positive trajectory brewing in the Windy City. The What-Ifs will remain if Houston finishes again with a high pick and Chicago doesn’t have it. But, if DJ Moore pans out and even one of the other high picks Chicago received comes to fruition, then there’s no reason to look back at this and ponder what could have been.

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