Broncos make it clear they don’t want Lamar Jackson |

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The Denver Broncos are no longer interested in having Lamar Jackson on their football team.

One thing is certain at this point of NFL free agency: The Denver Broncos are out on Lamar Jackson…

Truth be told, the Broncos waived their former cornerback who has the same name as the Baltimore Ravens star quarterback, as well as outside linebacker Wyatt Ray. While nobody in their right mind thought the Broncos would really be in on the 2019 NFL MVP, they have not exactly been a well-run organization since winning Super Bowl 50 with Peyton Manning’s noodle arm.

Although the Walton-Penner Family has more money than just about anyone in professional sports, why would they pay top dollar for Russell Wilson, who has never received an NFL MVP vote, in addition to giving up two first-round picks in-conference for a Heisman Trophy winner who has missed a ton of games over the last two years? Whatever. Walmart money is Monopoly money…

Even if the Broncos are not trading with the Ravens, let’s see if they will finally turn the corner.

Denver Broncos are no longer interested in having Lamar Jackson on their team

Look. Only the New York Jets have a longer active playoff drought than the Broncos. It has been arguably the worst seven-year stretch in franchise history. Roughly a year ago, Denver thought it won the Russell Wilson trade, but that blew up in the Broncos face’ almost as badly as the Nathaniel Hackett hiring at head coach. The goal is for Sean Payton to get the most out of Wilson.

Playing in the same division as the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs would be tough sledding for anyone, but the Broncos will probably be duking it out for third place once again with the always-dysfunctional Las Vegas Raiders. The good news for Denver is the defense has not been the problem. The bad news is the offense has been varying shades of putrid recently.

Ultimately, even if the Broncos were to have dealt for Jackson, they would have given up too much draft capital for the second offseason in a row. They cannot admit that John Elway has no idea how to evaluate quarterbacks, even though he is top-five at the position in the league’s pantheon. For now, Broncos Country better hope the Payton/Wilson partnership works because … it has to…

Jackson would have been fun in Denver, but you forgot the other Jackson even played for the team.

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