Calvin Ridley has blunt response to troll about gambling suspension |

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Former Falcons wideout Calvin Ridley showed no remorse for betting on games in a candid reply to a Twitter troll.

Wideout Calvin Ridley has turned into a running gag around the league for placing bets in the 2021 season during his time on the Atlanta Falcons and getting slapped with a one-year suspension. An unfair punishment to most, but such is the “No Fun League.”

While he’s learned his lesson by now, the Jacksonville Jaguars wideout wasn’t about to back down from a troll on Twitter, and he responded in a surprisingly honest way.

The troll in question made a comment on how Ridley’s choice to wear the number zero in 2023 reflects the number of good bets he took in his parlays two years ago.

Ridley replied that part of his career was behind him, but….just for the record, he won $36,000 in his gambling phase.

That’s one way to shut someone down. Ridley is probably making way more money than one no-name hater on Twitter, yet he couldn’t resist the opportunity to rub his cash in the troll’s face.

Calvin Ridley casually brags about his gambling winnings to Twitter troll

Ridley has also battled mental health issues during his four-year career and was one of the first NFL players to be so open about the topic. His refreshing honesty appears to have seeped into his social media interactions, and he had no qualms about firing back at someone who was judging him solely on a few bad decisions.

Those bad decisions led to him winning $36k, after all.

Ridley’s response to that tweet probably will be the highlight of that person’s life and career. Ridley, on the other hand, still has unfinished business in the NFL and will look to surpass his 2020 elite form when he was putting up 1,300-plus receiving yards for Atlanta.

Ridley was traded to the Jaguars last November and having served his year-long suspension, he’s set to join a promising squad in Jacksonville, playing alongside talents like Trevor Lawrence, Christian Kirk, and Travis Etienne.

It’s all water under the bridge for him now. But just so people know, he won a good chunk of cash from his bets. If the whole NFL thing doesn’t work out, he’ll have a job waiting for him at DraftKings.

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