Chargers defensive lineman accuses TSA officers of sexual assault |

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Chargers defensive lineman Sebastian Joseph-Day claims he was sexually assaulted by TSA officers at an airport screening on Friday at John Wayne Airport.

Los Angeles Chargers defensive lineman Sebastian Joseph-Day took to Twitter to air his grievances toward the TSA staff at John Wayne Airport. In his accusations, Joseph-Day says he was sexually assaulted by officers during an airport screening and described the “extremely dehumanizing” incident in a Twitter thread.

In his description, Joseph-Day lays into John Wayne Airport’s security for what he deemed was an excessive screening procedure. The D-lineman felt “uncomfortable” at one point during the screening and asked the officer to stop; in response, three TSA agents apparently “swarmed” Joseph-Day and told him he “was the problem.”

Afterward, Joseph-Day wanted to file a complaint and noted that the airport was making him “jump through hoops” to do so.

Los Angeles Chargers’ Sebastian Joseph-Day claims TSA agents sexually assaulted him at John Wayne Airport

At the end of the thread, Joseph-Day notes that he wasn’t looking for sympathy. Rather, he was sharing his experiences so that the airport’s staff “aren’t allowed to do this ever again to another human being.”

Joseph-Day, a 2018 sixth-round pick by the Los Angeles Rams, joined the Chargers this past season and cemented himself as one of the team’s most consistent defensive tackles.

He’s played in Los Angeles for his entire four-year career, and the nature of his profession does require him to fly in and out of airports often; the fact that Joseph-Day took the time out of his day to write such a damning review of John Wayne Airport suggests he was genuinely riled up, and whatever happened to him may have been more than just standard TSA procedures.

It’s always wise to hear both sides of the story, though.

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