Chiefs bank robber story just got even more bizarre |

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As if a story about a Chiefs superfan robbing a bank wasn’t already weird enough, a new twist has entered the plotline.

Xavier Badubar was known as “ChiefsAholic”, “the Kansas City Chiefs fan that wears a wolf costume”, and then, “that Chiefs fan that robbed a bank”.

Now, we can add, “that Chiefs fan that removed his ankle monitor and skipped bail”.

Yep, that Chiefs fan, the one arrested in Oklahoma and charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon and assault while masked or disguised, has skipped out on bail.

The story came to light when fellow Chiefs fans were concerned about his absence at Chiefs home games, which was presumably because he was behind bars. Now, he’s missing again, this time from authorities, having skipped out on his court date in Tulsa County, according to the Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office (H/T ESPN).

His bail bondsman indicated that his ankle monitor was removed without authorization and was found in the woods near where Badubar was staying. According to ESPN, his lawyer (who did show up at the arraignment hearing) also has not heard from Badubar.

Now, a $1 million bond warrant has been issued for Badubar.

ChiefsAholic bank robber is a story more than meets the eye

It’s easy to look at this story as a funny or whimsical one. On its face, it’s unheard of… A superfan who dresses as a wolf for NFL games decides to rob a bank and gets caught, and then goes on the run.

An ESPN dive into Xavier and his family revealed a troubling upbringing and rough circumstances that have contributed to Badubar’s now legally-strained lifestyle.

Badubar was unable to attend the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory in Arizona in February but was in attendance for their win a few seasons ago in Miami.

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