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With the NFL Draft and minicamp approaching, the Jets and Packers urgency to agree to an Aaron Rodgers trade should increase. 

Green Bay Packers offensive lineman David Bakhtiari dropped some huge hints on the Aaron Rodgers trade saga, suggesting that the team could pay their future Hall-of-Fame quarterback just to stay away from the team.

So then they’ll be like, ‘Well, we’re gonna suck anyways. We want what we want, and we’re not gonna bend to anyone. So we’ll just eat it. . . . We’ll pay you, we don’t care…If not, what are we gonna be, Super Bowl contenders anyway? So we’ll eat it, you can hang on the side. We’ll pay you your money, and then we’ll suck anyways, get the picks, as compared to dealing him for something that you shouldn’t have,” Bakhtiari suggested.

Much of what Bakhtiari says makes sense. Green Bay would likely take a step back next season with Love, and they have the money to pay Rodgers his $60 million. Why make things awkward?

Packers, Aaron Rodgers have a deadline to meet

Bakhtiari is correct in his assumption that the Packers don’t want Aaron Rodgers around. However, they’d prefer the Jets meet their demands prior to May, when mandatory team minicamp starts.

As of now, both sides seem content to go through the NFL Draft process with their own selections, and postpone the trade until later in the offseason. May’s deadline is right around the corner, however, and Green Bay will either have to agree to keep Rodgers away from mandatory minicamp, or deal with his presence.

Nonetheless, the only real thing that could derail this trade from happening (eventually, we hope) would be a change of heart from Rodgers himself. Should Aaron choose not to play in New York, then all hell breaks loose.

At this point, it’s hard to see that happening. Pay to (not) play is on the table for the Pack and Rodgers.

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