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NFL rumors indicate that talks are picking up on one of the NFL’s hottest trade targets, DeAndre Hopkins.

NFL trades have been somewhat slow-moving this offseason. We know that players like DeAndre Hopkins and Aaron Rodgers are almost certain to find themselves donning new jerseys in 2023, yet the NFL rumors surrounding a deal for both have been a slow trickle at best.

There’s action on Hopkins, though, according to NFL insider Ian Rapoport.

According to his latest report, discussions surrounding a trade for the wide receiver are ramping up, and interest from relevant teams is growing.

DeAndre Hopkins has been speculatively linked to two teams

There has been rampant speculation involving both the Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots. The connections for both are loose at best, though.

According to some reports, the interest in the Cowboys as a destination is almost entirely speculative. As of a few days ago, the Cowboys had not made contact with the Cardinals about Hopkins, and most of the interest was spurred by an Instagram Live video on Dez Bryant’s page that showed Hopkins was hanging out in the Dallas area.

The Patriots, on the other hand, are linked because Mac Jones recently followed Hopkins on Instagram.

Clearly, if you want to learn any hints on Hopkins’ future whatsoever, you need to look to IG.

The reports that trade talks are advancing should be a hint that more is to come. Perhaps we will get more serious news than just Instagram breadcrumbs. Potentially, more teams will get involved now, especially considering the fact that Arizona has put Hopkins up on the clearance aisle.

It shouldn’t take much to get a deal done, and Hopkins is still an ultra-athletic receiver that could help any team in need of weapons for its quarterback. Though he only played nine games last season (he was suspended for the first six games of the year), he averaged 79.7 yards per game and 9.9 average targeted air yards (right in the middle of his targeted air yards in 2021 and 2020).

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