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There is one reason why the New York Jets and the Green Bay Packers have failed to reach an agreement on an Aaron Rodgers trade.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers has made his decision as to what he wants to do for the 2023 season — he intends to play for the New York Jets. While that is all well and good, the Jets have to negotiate a trade with the Green Bay Packers, and as of this writing, there is no timeline as to when a deal will be completed.

For fans wondering why the Jets and Packers trade talks are currently stalled, there is one reason for that.

ESPN’s Rich Cimini wrote in a recent article that the Jets are unwilling to trade away their 13th overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft in a Rodgers deal.

“The Jets don’t want to surrender their first-round pick for Aaron Rodgers, and it’s not hard to see why,” writes Cimini. “While the 13th overall selection isn’t as high as usual for them — it’s their lowest pick since 2016 (Darron Lee, 20th) — it still holds considerable value. Based on recent history, it’s one of the sweetest spots in the first round.

“In the last 10 drafts, the 13th pick has produced as many Pro Bowl players (eight) as the No. 1 pick, according to data from Pro Football Reference. No other slot in the first round has that many. Those eight players at 13 have combined for 21 Pro Bowl seasons and eight All-Pro selections, compared to 17 and two at No. 1, respectively.”

Jets don’t want to include 13th overall pick in Aaron Rodgers trade

As Cimini writes, the 13th overall pick does hold immense value. The Jets could use the pick on one of the top offensive linemen prospects in the draft class. Let’s not forget that New York’s offensive line was pummeled by injuries last season, and adding protection at the line of scrimmage for Rodgers would be ideal.

It’s understandable why the Packers would want it, considering they are trading away a four-time NFL MVP. However, Rodgers has already said that he wants to play for the Jets. This has only led to the debate as to who holds the leverage in trade discussions.

The Jets did acquire more draft capital that could be enticing for the Packers. New York traded wide receiver Elijah Moore and the 74th-overall pick to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for the 42nd-overall pick. So, the Jets have the 42nd and 43rd overall picks in the upcoming NFL Draft, and together they hold near equal value to a mid-first-round pick.

The NFL Draft officially begins on Apr. 27, so fans are going to be waiting to see if both sides can reach an official agreement on Rodgers trade.

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