Jets have already logged first moral victory of the NFL season |

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The New York Jets should be so proud after logging their first moral victory of the NFL season.

March 26, 2023 marks the date of the New York Jets‘ first moral victory of the NFL season.

As the C-students of AFC East proudly place their gold-starred, mid-term report card on the family refrigerator, we have to remind ourselves of just how far this hopelessly dysfunctional mess has come of late.

Jets head coach Robert Saleh spoke with reporter Judy Battista about how freaking cool it is that Gang Green even has a chance at trading for Aaron Rodgers this offseason.

“Two years ago when we first got there, just thinking about where we were and how far we’ve come, to have a guy like him want to play for us is pretty cool and shows how far we’ve come,” Saleh said.

For a team that has drafted Christian Hackenberg, Sam Darnold and Zach Wilson since Mark Sanchez last Butt Fumbled for them, good for the Jets in almost maybe trading for Rodgers.

Tell me you’re desperate without telling me you’re desperate. Oh my goodness gracious, y’all…

New York Jets could not be happier about their first moral victory of NFL season

As a fan of a team who is about as poorly-run as y’all are, I do get it. You have to enjoy the little things while you can. The world tries to break you on a regular basis, and twice on NFL Sundays… Should Rodgers be the greatest thing to happen to the Jets since Joe Namath guaranteeing a Super Bowl III victory poolside over the then-Baltimore Colts, then that would be so wonderful.

However, this just reeks of a life lived in hopeless despair. It’s like being excited to get more than a single AA battery for Christmas or feeling truly blessed to not be breathing in carbon monoxide on the reg inside of your dwelling. Again, I really want Rodgers to come in and make stooge doofuses like me shut the hell up. But until then, this is why you’re the Jets. Some things will never change.

Overall, when you have stunk for a decade-plus and the belle of the ball pays attention to you because you finally put deodorant on for once, it’s good to be you, man. Then again, putting lipstick on a pig does not change the fact it is swine. The only reason y’all are in the Rodgers sweepstakes is because you could not contain yourself after Wilson’s unbelievable BYU pro day. It was superb!

So as the weather starts to change and we can all go outside again, let’s breathe in some fresh oxygen and reset for the good times ahead. In about a month, we are going to have to stomach our stomaches bursting full of Kansas City barbecued beef as Roger Goodell tells us who our favorite teams picked. The best part in all this is the Jets are not drafting their next quarterback.

At this juncture, it should be playoffs or bust for Gang Green. I like Saleh, and outside of the Wilson catastrophe, Joe Douglas has proven to be a pretty good general manager. Your ownership is still garbage tier, but things are looking up for the Jets for once. The only way this stops being a moral victory and transforms into one that actually counts is to trade for Rodgers and own the AFC East.

Let’s just hope Rodgers walks through that door in Florham Park because Mike White no longer is.

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