Jets sign familiar Aaron Rodgers teammate to further appease him |

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The New York Jets continue to appease Aaron Rodgers in every way possible. Now, they’ve signed his former backup in Green Bay.

Aaron Rodgers will most like be a member of the New York Jets, barring anything unforeseen. Despite what Craig Carton says — or anyone else not in the know for that matter — the Packers and Jets are mid-negotiations on a trade that would sent Rodgers to the big apple.

Green Bay wants a first-round pick for Rodgers, a player who has stated his intent of playing for the Jets. They don’t have much leverage, and are up against the clock in terms of when Rodgers bonus kicks in. There is a deadline to these trade talks.

Pick protections might be the answer for both sides. Until then, however, New York is doing whatever they can to surround Rodgers with familiar faces. Nathaniel Hackett, Allen Lazard, Randall Cobb and now Tim Boyle are all in the mix.

Yes, it’s pretty pathetic at this point.

Jets sign familiar Aaron Rodgers backup Tim Boyle

Adding Boyle is odd considering the Jets already have Mike White and Zach Wilson under contract. Is there room for Boyle on this roster, or does New York plan on trading one of the other two quarterbacks? Who knows, but for now Rodgers will have another familiar face upon arrival.

Boyle last played with Rodgers and the Packers back in 2020. Since then, he’s had shorter stints with the Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears. Boyle started three games with the Lions in 2021, throwing three touchdowns and six interceptions. It wasn’t his best work, but at least he has experience receiving extended playing time.

If called upon for the Jets, Boyle knows Hackett’s system. At the very least he can be a familiar presence in the Jets quarterback room, which is something Rodgers will need in his first season.

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