Lamar Jackson dropped a big hint that he’s done with Ravens |

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Lamar Jackson’s intentions this offseason have shockingly come to light: the star quarterback may actually be looking to get out of Baltimore.

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has represented himself in all contract negotiations — until now.

According to Pro Football Talk’s sources, Jackson has a representative who is currently contacting other teams to negotiate a potential deal. It’s important to note that the representative is not certified by the NFL Players Association, so he or she is not technically considered an agent.

Jackson was free to start negotiating with other teams when NFL free agency officially opened (March 15), and he had a surprisingly quiet past week given his talents and franchise quarterback potential. The league’s possible collusion aside, Jackson appears more prepared to leave the only franchise he’s ever known this offseason with news of his latest negotiating tactics.

The anonymous sources gave more insight into Jackson’s unresolved contract situation, saying that Jackson is not looking for a fully guaranteed deal.

So… what does he want?

Lamar Jackson has a representative speaking to other NFL teams, foreshadows split with Ravens

The Ravens most recently offered him a three-year contract with $133 million guaranteed. He turned it down.

Jackson may have realized Deshaun Watson’s precedent-setting deal was an anomaly, yet he likely still wants a large portion of guaranteed money — “up to $200 million or more” according to the source.

If Jackson and his mysterious representative do get a team to give him an offer sheet (perhaps the Indianapolis Colts?), Baltimore would have the chance to match that offer or decline it and receive two first-round picks in return.

This all still feels very early in the negotiation process as Jackson’s representation may simply be dipping a thermometer in the league to gauge teams’ level of interest in the Ravens quarterback.

The rumors nonetheless carry significant weight in Lamar Jackson’s ongoing contract saga and drop the most damning hint that Jackson wants to leave Baltimore this offseason. If Jackson and the Ravens are truly nearing their breaking point, things could get ugly.

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