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Nothing comes easy when it comes to Aaron Rodgers. Though a trade between the Jets and Packers should have been easy, it’s been anything but.

Over a month ago, Aaron Rodgers declared an intention to play for the New York Jets for the 2023 season. While not as straightforward as if he were a free agent, it was expected that getting him to the Big Apple would have been relatively easy since the Green Bay Packers were also interested in moving on from Rodgers and into the Jordan Love era.

All that was left was squaring away the Packers compensation for Rodgers in the trade.

But weeks later, we’re nowhere closer to a deal than when Rodgers first appeared on the Pat McAfee podcast to announce he expected to be a Jet. Worse, we’re now coming up on an important deadline: The NFL Draft. A trade will get infinitely more complex if the second round — in which the Jets own two picks — goes by without a deal being done.

So far, all knowledge around the deal has indicated there are no doubts that a trade will get done. But The latest news hints the two sides could be further away than anyone previously expected.

NFL rumors are hinting that Jets and Packers aren’t speaking about Aaron Rodgers

The latest NFL rumors are not good for the Jets or the Packers.

“My understanding is there hasn’t been a whole lot of conversation if any over the last couple of weeks going back to the owners meetings,” Adam Schefter recently said on NFL Live. Schefter also went on to explain that it’ll be mighty awkward if Rodgers is still, on paper, a Packer when mandatory minicamp starts up.

“Both sides are dug in and willing to be patient until something gets done because nothing is any closer at this point in time.”

Hm. Do these two franchises realize a deal getting done is incumbent on them, you know, talking?

For now, the Jets and Packers are waiting, just like the rest of us. Don’t be surprised if draft week, or even draft day (in particular, the second day when round two begins) sparks a sense of urgency needed to get the deal done.

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