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Here is the latest news on Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson potentially going to the Indianapolis Colts in a blockbuster offseason trade.

This is so far away from happening, but the Indianapolis Colts remain an interesting possible trade destination for Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson.

ESPN’s Stephen Holder outlined why the Colts are a solid landing spot for the 26-year-old quarterback. The 2019 NFL MVP represents himself and was just recently slapped with the non-exclusive franchise tag. Baltimore could always match whatever offer Indianapolis puts out there, but owner Jim Irsay is not afraid to spend money and wants to get out of quarterback purgatory.

While the Colts were not one of the handful of teams to immediately rule out trading for Jackson, this paragraph is perhaps the most interesting nugget in the entirety of Holder’s latest for ESPN.

“Indianapolis did not rule out having discussions with Jackson, according to a team source. However, the club has not taken any substantive steps regarding Jackson and it is unclear whether it intends to do so. Team sources have expressed skepticism about pursuing Jackson.”

It seems as though the Colts have not ruled a trade out entirely, but they have some reservations.

This is probably some combination of Jackson’s injury history, the fallout of the Andrew Luck era under center, the Colts having the No. 4 overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft and this being an in-conference trade.

In theory, the Colts could do it, but it feels like we are so far away from this being a realistic trade.

NFL rumors: Latest talks about Lamar Jackson going to the Indianapolis Colts

On paper, this move makes a lot of sense for both parties. Jackson would give immediate credibility to a Colts team that is in dire need of some. He would be the best quarterback in a weaker division. Given his mobile nature, this can help offset the Colts having issues at receiver and a possible regression along the offensive line. The Colts will be done looking for a quarterback.

As far as Baltimore is concerned, the Ravens will get the No. 4 pick to replace Jackson right away, as well as next year’s first-round pick. How sure are you that the Colts will be any good with Jackson under center? This is all the more reason to make the deal with the Colts if you are Baltimore and just want to move on. Of course, Baltimore must accept that he will have success.

Overall, trading a franchise quarterback in conference is always a tricky proposition. For it to work, you need to have teams at different eras in their competitive life cycles, such as the deal involving Matthew Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams and Jared Goff to the Detroit Lions. That deal has worked out for both parties. However, when has Baltimore ever decided it was going to rebuild?

Ultimately, a potential suitor will emerge for Jackson outside of Baltimore. With more and more teams bowing out, it could end up being Indianapolis for all we know. These are not ideal trade partners like everyone tried to make the Atlanta Falcons out to be, but it takes two to make a deal. Since the Falcons passed on Jackson, Indianapolis has emerged as his likeliest Ravens alternative.

Because Jackson was franchise tagged non-exclusively, it is going to be so hard for him to leave.

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