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Aaron Rodgers has officially not joined the New York Jets, but that hasn’t stopped Mike Greenberg from going on a tirade about the franchise. 

If anyone knows anything about ESPN’s Mike Greenberg, it is that he is a New York Jets fan, and he loves to go on rants — two entertaining facts.

That’s why it was no surprise to see Greeny go off about the ongoing developments regarding Aaron Rodgers and his eventual (we think) move to the New York Jets. It hasn’t happened, but that’s not exactly why Greeny is ticked.

Fellow ESPN co-host and former NFL general manager Mike Tannenbaum released a mock draft where he had the New York Jets, even with Aaron Rodgers, taking Tennessee quarterback Hendon Hooker with the 13th overall pick. That sent Greenberg over the edge.

Holy smokes. Is that Mike Greenberg or Stephen A. Smith? Whomever it was, it had Todd McShay speechless, and Damien Woody and Ryan Clark doubled over, howling with laughter.

Mike Greenberg loses his cool when asked about the Jets taking another QB after Aaron Rodgers trade

But back to Greenberg. He’s absolutely right. Why would the New York Jets want to piss off Aaron Rodgers before he gets there? Plus, we don’t know if it’s 100% confirmed because the transaction has not happened yet. Yet, Greeny, again, is right. What could go wrong? Everything.

If memory serves, the Green Bay Packers took Jordan Love in Round 1, and that relationship has been an issue stemming since Day One. The Packers clearly want to move on from Rodgers but have not done so. Still, it’s safe to assume that Rodgers will be indeed wearing a different shade of green next season.

That said, it hasn’t stopped Mike Greenberg from turning into Stephen A Smith, only it’s not about the Knicks but the Jets. Both franchises are long-suffering, and both analysts have gone on rants about their teams. Please keep them coming because it’s a good time to laugh every time they happen.

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