New team emerges for Odell Beckham Jr., offered a contract |

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Odell Beckham Jr. has supposedly received a contract offer to play for the Baltimore Ravens.

Although he is still garnering interest from other NFL teams, the Baltimore Ravens appear to be in the driver’s seat to land Odell Beckham Jr., simply because they have offered him a contract.

The immensely talented and borderline Pro Football Hall of Fame wide receiver last played for the 2021 Los Angeles Rams. He was extraordinary in the first half of Super Bowl 56 vs. the Cincinnati Bengals. Unfortunately, he tore his poorly repaired ACL and spent all of last season out of football recovering. Although he is not a young kid anymore, he can certainly improve any receiving corps.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter said on TV that “the Baltimore Ravens have met with Odell Beckham Jr., they’ve presented him their own offer. It certainly sounds like it’s the [New York] Jets, it’s the Ravens, maybe the Rams still would have interest but those, at this point in time, would be the obvious landing spots.”

While Baltimore and New York have been linked to Beckham throughout much of the offseason, it is interesting to see the Rams still potentially in on him, as well as the Ravens seemingly pulling away from the rest of the pack. We also know what Beckham is seeking in terms of his contract. 

The Baltimore fit may be an odd one, but there is more than meets the eye with the Ravens here.

NFL rumors: Baltimore Ravens have offered Odell Beckham Jr. a contract

This all really comes down to the Ravens being able to retain a frustrated Lamar Jackson at quarterback. That may be what it takes for Beckham to agree to go there. He would be leaving Matthew Stafford behind after having a difficult time developing chemistry with Baker Mayfield previously. Simply put, quarterback play is going to matter a ton in what team Beckham plays for.

Should Jackson leave the Ravens by way of a trade, Baltimore would be in a fantastic position to draft his replacement inside the top 10 of the 2023 NFL Draft. Whether that guy is Will Levis, Anthony Richardson or someone else entirely remains to be seen. The other key component in going to Baltimore is the Ravens just hired a rock star at offensive coordinator in Todd Monken.

Beckham grew up and starred in SEC country, so he knows all too well what the Georgia offense looked like during the three years Monken called plays for the Dawgs in Athens. Frankly, that hiring might be the real sticking point in Beckham agreeing to come to Baltimore. While he may not get another offer, playing in a system that does a great job of spreading the ball around is not too bad.

The Beckham to Baltimore rumors are certainly fascinating, but let’s see put a pen to paper first.

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