NFC contender continues to emerge as possible Aaron Rodgers trade spoilers |

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As the Aaron Rodgers trade to the Jets continues to still be in progress, an NFC contender is still lurking to try and make a deal with the Packers. 

Another day, another week and Aaron Rodgers is still on the Green Bay Packers.

That figures to certainly not be the case in the coming months, and every single sign points to the future Hall-of-Fame quarterback ending up on the New York Jets. They are all-in on Rodgers being their quarterback to vault them into Super Bowl contention, they only have to make sure they get a deal done.

But could another team potentially come out of the woodwork and play spoiler for the Jets? The chips are starting to fall in a manner that suggests as much.

That team is a familiar one in the Rodgers space, the San Francisco 49ers. In addition to local Bay Area radio hosts floating the idea, their current quarterback situation is a bit in flux. Trey Lance is recovering from a season-ending injury, the Niners signed Sam Darnold this offseason, and Brock Purdy won the hearts of everyone and enters the offseason as QB1.

Unfortunately, QB1 is unsure if he can play in the 2023 season after having a UCL tear repaired after the postseason, which he admitted by saying he’s “not really sure” about if he can play when asked, per Yahoo Sports.

Aaron Rodgers trade still possible for 49ers as spoiler for Packers-Jets deal

Considering that Lance was the No. 3 overall pick in 2021 and that the 49ers traded up for the North Dakota State product, conventional wisdom would dictate that he would get the first crack at the starting job if Purdy’s recovery does take much longer than expected.

However, San Francisco has never been shy about aggressiveness in making moves to help the team. So if they believed that there is a possibility that they could land Aaron Rodgers for a fair price — especially given that a previous regime passed on the quarterback in the draft when Rodgers thought he was bound to stay in California and has expressed an affinity still for San Francisco — you have to think it’s an option that the 49ers would explore.

With the 2023 NFL Draft just a few days aways, the fact of the matter is that we’re in the heart of rumor and smokescreen season. Even still, the 49ers’ situation seems to indicate that the franchise is looming over the shoulders of the Jets and Packers in regards to an Aaron Rodgers trade with more than enough ammo in terms of player personnel and draft picks beyond 2023 to make something happen.

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