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A new season ushers in new changes, and these two franchises could see major jersey redesigns based on a subtle hint from NFL shop.

Here’s a short list of things that have generated controversy in the league in recent history, in no particular order: Colin Kaepernick’s kneel, Deflategate, Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction, the Rams’ no-call, Eli Apple, and NFL jersey designs.

Art is subjective. Therefore, NFL jersey designs are subjective, and chances are every gung-ho football fan has a strong opinion on the aesthetic appeal of his team’s jersey in any given season.

Colors are naturally the most recognizable part of a team’s garments: how easy is it to see a flash of Kelly green and think of the Philadelphia Eagles or see that iconic nautical blue and reminisce on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots?

Next season, these two franchises won’t don particularly unique colors but others could get a major redesign based on NFL Shop’s discreet hint.

Apparently, on NFL Shop’s website, the Carolina Panthers’ and Arizona Cardinals’ primary jerseys are discounted. They are the only two primary jerseys to go on sale and may suggest a massive facelift is in the works for the two teams’ uniform designs for next season.

Arizona Cardinals and Carolina Panthers could see major jersey changes in 2023

Why these two teams in particular? No clue.

The Panthers’ white and light blue design and the Cardinals’ red design last year were simple enough, yet for whatever reason, both franchises may be pivoting in a new direction uniform-wise.

As it so happens, both franchises are also pivoting in a new direction amid their respective rebuilding eras: the Panthers got rid of Matt Rhule and hired Frank Reich along with a host of experienced coaches, and they’re eagerly preparing for the NFL draft with the No. 1 overall pick.

The Cardinals fired Kliff Kingsbury, who no doubt is somewhere enjoying pina coladas and living off his salary savings while the team figure out how to build around the Kyler Murray and a few other key roster pieces.

Whoever the Panthers draft under center could start a new, more hopeful era with a wholly different white-and-light blue jersey; in the same vein, as Murray enters his fifth season in the league, he could be dodging defenders left and right in his stylish new red threads.

Of course, NFL shop could just be putting those teams’ jerseys on sale because they’re not selling well. Because those teams are not doing so great.

In the spirit of offseason rumors, let’s just say there is a uniform redesign coming along, and it’s going to be more exciting than seeing Carolina take Bryce Young first overall. Short kings, unite.

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