Packers refuse to let Aaron Rodgers waste their time with 2 more signings |

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The Green Bay Packers are preparing for life without Aaron Rodgers and have started re-signing key pieces for next year.

Aaron Rodgers who? The Green Bay Packers know nothing about an Aaron Rodgers. The franchise is finally trying to move on from this offseason’s tension and chaos and start building a playoff-contending roster for 2023.

Ever since Aaron Rodgers declared his intention to play for the New York Jets next season, the Packers knew they were losing their franchise legend. Well, according to Rodgers, it was Green Bay who moved on first, and then after the darkness retreat, Rodgers changed his mind about retiri– no need to get into all that.

The past is the past, and the Packers have turned their focus on the future.

As a Rodgers trade looms overhead, the Packers just re-signed cornerback Corey Ballentine and safety Rudy Ford, bringing back two key defensive pieces for 2023.

Packers start rebuilding roster ahead of expected Aaron Rodgers trade

Aside from the Rodgers saga, the Packers haven’t made a dramatic splash so far this offseason.

So far, the team has re-signed cornerback Keisean Nixon and tight end Tyler Davis and later saw starters Allen Lazard and Robert Tonyan leave for new homes. Green Bay also plucked safety Tarvarius Moore from the 49ers, where he split time between special teams and the defense.

As for the Packers’ remaining unrestricted free agents, it’s possible that a few could join Lazard — and eventually Rodgers — on the Jets: Randall Cobb and Marcedes Lewis are reportedly two of the quarterback’s good friends and could be incentivized to follow Rodgers on his Brett Favre-ian journey.

Safety Adrian Amos, kicker Mason Crosby, and linebackers Justin Hollins and Eric Wilson may be testing the market and haven’t yet found a new team.

With Jordan Love set to take over at quarterback and already building chemistry with the rest of the starters, the Packers are indeed preparing for the post-Rodgers era.

And why shouldn’t they? Rodgers, an indisputable all-time Packers legend, has created a lifetime’s worth of drama in the last two years with the franchise. The trauma stops now, and the healing begins.

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