Steelers troll fans on Twitter with fake signing news for April Fool’s Day |

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Breaking news: the Pittsburgh Steelers are signing a Dogg of a receiver to their roster. What will his numbers be in 2023?

If we had to pick one NFL team to be the class clown of the league, it would probably be the Miami Dolphins and head coach Mike McDaniel. “We’re providing free coffee for all Dolphins members — psych! We’re not nearly as rich as Washington.”

But instead, it was the Pittsburgh Steelers who decided to have a little fun with their fans on Twitter and post an April Fool’s joke for the ages.

In need of a few more wideout reinforcements this offseason, the Steelers proudly announced the flashy new signing of Calvin Broadus Jr., who “agreed to terms” to an undisclosed contract.

Clicking on the link will lead Twitter users to a page on the Steelers’ website which features a grainy, blown-up image of Snoop Dogg holding a piece of paper: “April Fools!” Very clever, Steelers social media. Good one.

Steelers sign Calvin Broadus Jr. to take the WR unit to a new high

What are Calvin Broadus Jr.’s projected stats this season? Our best guess is somewhere around 420 yards; if Broadus can get open in the end zone and Kenny Pickett throws him the ball, he’ll try his hardest not to drop it like it’s hot.

Multiple pundits have also described Broadus as a “young, wild, and free” big-play wideout whose touchdown celly will probably feature him taking papers out of his sock and rolling a blunt in front of roaring Steelers fans. He smoked his defenders, that’s for sure. Roger Goodell won’t be too happy about that, but screw the No Fun League.

And should Broadus eventually evolve into one of the most memorable players in Pittsburgh’s history, Acrisure Stadium shall sell gin and juice cocktails to honor him for as long as he lives. Everyone will know his name.

All jokes aside, let’s hope the 2023 Steelers’ offense doesn’t become the running gag of the league like last year.

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