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Denver Broncos President of Football Operations and General Manager John Elway sits on the bench during warmups before an NFL game against the Tennessee Titans, Monday, Sep. 14, 2020, in Denver. (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

Today’s NFL news concerns juicy Tom Brady dating rumors, a Broncos legend closing his chapter, and what Bobby Wagner really thinks of Seattle.

Isn’t this a nice and easy lull in the NFL offseason? It’s kind of like a cool breeze in the spring ahead of torrential rains. Enjoy it while it lasts.

A quick recap of the big-hitters: the Aaron Rodgers trade continues to drag out but most believe it will get done. Lamar Jackson had a pretty surprising outburst that ultimately fell on deaf ears around the league. It is officially draft month, so NFL teams are gearing up for an exciting final weekend of April in which the smoke will finally clear and the curtains will raise.

Until then, read on to find out more on Tom Brady’s comeback — into the dating world, that is. Or supposedly. No one really knows. Also, a legend is stepping away from the Broncos franchise, and before you get your hopes up, it’s not Russell Wilson. Speaking of famous ex-Seahawks players, Bobby Wagner shared his honest feelings about coming back home, and it’s enough to make any Seattle fan shed a tear.

Here are the three biggest NFL news stories right now.

NFL News: John Elway chooses not to renew his contract with the Broncos

Denver Broncos legend John Elway has decided to step away from the franchise and not renew his contract, according to 9News.

The legendary Broncos quarterback served as a consultant to George Paton, Denver’s current general manager, for the past year, and his contract expired this past March. His decision to leave the team came after a meeting with new Broncos co-owner Greg Penner, and Elway confirmed his departure on Tuesday.

Prior to his consultant role, Elway was the Broncos’ general manager and executive vice president of football operations for a decade from 2011 to 2021.

Upon announcing his departure, the 62-year-old icon said the Broncos are “in great hands,” and he thankfully refrained from using any corny phrases like, “Broncos Country, it’s been a good ride.”

Elway and the Broncos appear to have mutually parted ways, and the two-time Super Bowl Champion and Hall-of-Famer is ready for wherever life takes him next.

He told 9News:

“I’ll still be around as a resource. I’ve been with the Denver Broncos for so long that it was nice to have some sort of connection which is what I wanted. I didn’t want an obligation. I’m getting a little older, I want to be able to do some things I haven’t done.”

Sounds a bit like Tom Brady’s retirement message (the second one). Speaking of Brady….

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