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Aaron Rodgers is expected to be a Jet next season, but what does a timeline look like for the deal to go official?

Aaron Rodgers will almost certainly trade in one shade of green for another next NFL season. The star quarterback has confirmed he has an interest in playing for the New York Jets, and the Packers and Jets have the motivation to get a deal done.

Yet, things have been slow-moving. If you’ve been out of the loop wondering if a deal got done yet, here’s your answer.

Was Aaron Rodgers traded?

No, as of this writing, anyway, Aaron Rodgers has not been traded. He remains, officially, a member of the Green Bay Packers.

NFL rumors give us an indication of Aaron Rodgers trade timeline

It does not seem like either the Jets or Packers are particularly anxious to make this trade a speedy one. Right now, on the to-do list, it seems to be a “we’ll get to it when we get to it,” sorta thing for both Brian Gutekunst and Joe Douglas, the GMs of the Packers and Jets, respectively.

There appears to be a gentlemen’s agreement in place, though a trade in principality is reportedly far from being agreed upon.

According to Jeremy Fowler, while it doesn’t look like progress is being made, parts of the deal have been ironed out while others are left unfinished (subscription required). The financial component — mainly, how much Rodgers is due before the start of the season — was a big piece that is finished. Draft compensation is all that’s left, and the Jets have already made it clear there’s one pick that is not on the table.

In the same article, ESPN’s Dan Graziano said that a source does not expect the trade to be incomplete by the time the NFL Draft rolls around on April 27th.

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