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Unverified reports suggest that the San Francisco 49ers could be the Packers backup plan should they not trade Aaron Rodgers to the Jets.

Sports radio host Craig Carton lit up the airwaves on Tuesday, claiming that the San Francisco 49ers are waiting in the wings for Aaron Rodgers should the Jets fail to meet the Packers terms.

The Niners aren’t a bad backup plan from Rodgers perspective, as they were just a game away from reaching the Super Bowl last season, and both of their quarterbacks are young and coming off injuries.

Unfortunately, however, this report isn’t based in reality as far as we know.

Whether it’s before the NFL Draft or just prior to when Rodgers bonus kicks in, eventually the Jets and Packers will be agree to a deal. For Green Bay to renege and deal Rodgers to San Francisco — a destination he has yet to approve — would be a shocking maneuver to say the least.

But let’s play devil’s advocate.

What a 49ers-Packers trade for Aaron Rodgers would look like

A trade for Aaron Rodgers will come with significant protections for both sides. Rodgers future is far from guaranteed beyond this season, and odds are that decision will drag out in an eerily similar way to this offseason’s.

With that being said, Rodgers is still a top-tier quarterback, or close to it. In a new environment, he should be rejuvenated to prove himself, and get revenge on the Packers front office. Here’s what a trade could look like:

49ers Get

QB, Aaron Rodgers

Packers Get

Protected 2024 first-round pick

2023 second-round pick

The protected pick in next year’s draft is significant, as Rodgers will have to clear certain benchmarks for Green Bay to receive the total value. If not, perhaps that pick could be a second or third rounder.

Two picks is a nice haul for Rodgers at this juncture. He’s made it clear he wants out, and has a significant contract attached to his name. The Packers shouldn’t expect much more.


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